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They both sacrifice safety to their children for or to save a couple bucks. Completely agree with you Sarah Siegand! As a parent, you expect regulated content from an app geared toward children. Free, I feel like you lack the context for these videos and have completely misinterpreted them. It costs money or perhaps your attention to correctly monitor these types of things… so best advice is to not use any service that is free since it necessarily MUST be lacking.

What this means for you

It is YOU who is exposing clip child to this risk…. Wow, condescending much? YTK advertises itself as kid friendly and safe. Should Google have anticipated this outcome? Well seeing as they have the most advanced AI ever developed reading the entire worlds search history, then yes they should have.

Oh and before you go around patting yourself on the back calling us all totally parents honestly I think you entire post was just formulated to let insult a straw man remember YTK pushes itself as a safe, learning friendly free content space. If someone offered you free chicken and then kicked you in the shin while you took a bite, would you blame the chicken or the A hole who kicked you?

The answer for you is probably neither youd find a way to insult the lazy non chicken cooking parents for causing this whole thing. If that is required then Youtube Kids will no longer be free and then all the users who are complaining wouldnt be using it anymore anyways. Users need to be aware there is a risk associated with using an effectively unmoderated platform, the risk is that some 3rd party creator is not following the rules and some pretty awful content may appear because of it.

Im insulting the parents because they boo-hooing that someone else isnt doing the due diligence required of them as parents. Sorry not sorry. The only viable approach I can think of at the moment is whitelisting good ones. This can be done cheaply if you rely on YouTube to host the videos.

There are browser extensions like Distraction Free YouTube that enables sex to block comments and related videos on YouTube. Unfortunately this only works on desktop browsers as far as I movies. If you can drum up enough financial and human resources for a standalone mobile app attached to a curation service, I can give you some pointers xxx sofia rose getting the software developed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Put on the glasses of a young kid and watch the video, then you realize the harm that is happening. I get the distinct impression that these videos originated in Japan. About 20 years ago, Japanese cartoonists succeeded in inducing seizures in children watching those cartoons on naked. So, do the Japanese have an objection to children? Do you…. Actually think they gave kids seizures on purpose?? And the reason Japanese cartoons tend to have more adult themes is because they tend to make anime for an older audience.

There are a few like Youtube that are kid appropriate, but many have adult audiences and were never meant for kids in the first place. Youtube kids just sees a cartoon and assumes its safe though. That is the problem. The problem is that you seem to want a level of moderation that a free Youtube Kids platform cannot reasonably support.

Its like getting upset that the kids section of craigslist has inappropriate content… right… thats part of the risk of unmoderated content, third party submitted content. Perhaps the solution isnt to stop watching Youtube Kids but to stop allowing your kids to watch unmoderated content submitted by unknown third parties.

Know what your kids are watching. Thanks for the videos. Like another commentor mentioned, the answer is more attentive parenting. Problem solved, whether or not YouTube acts.

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Respectfully, if your kid is watching YouTube kids then the assumption would be that the videos are kid friendly. Do you have children, Eric?

More than one?

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How about placing some blame on the site for false advertising and blaming the sick people who splice such horrific things into videos meant for children? I salute Dr Hess for her unwavering work to protect all kids.

I naked back in elementary and middle school, when Call of Duty had first come out, guns were a significant topic and we often played pretend shooter games with each other. Honestly have no idea how that passed any security check, considering its popularity, but nonetheless is not aimed directly at children.

As a younger person than most people here, I can approve that violence has become something kind of normal nowadays. As you said, the game movies addressed to a mature audience because of its disturbing images and all. Youtube, the video that Dr. Free N. Hess posted was a mod, in the real game Sayori actually hangs herself clip you can see the whole dead body. Honestly, to solve this problem I had this idea about YouTube manually choosing the videos that go on the YouTube Kids app.

I know that at least videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, but I also know that kids totally be satisfied by watching only the same videos over and over again. Unless the algorithm is perfect, I think the YouTube Kids app sex always be took care of manually.

I could pic of naked girls mexican writing about this for hours, but I think this will be enough. Please open your eyes, parents.

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I spend time reading books to my kids and keep them engaged with other activities instead of numbing their minds with youtube, tv, or any other screen time. Forget screen time and start spending real quality time with your kids.

We like to spend time outdoors together with our pets, take nature walks, go to the library, etc. This is simply unacceptable, and there will be no YouTube kids for MY kids until there are some major changes. But YouTube needs to be held accountable as well.

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These adult themes do not belong on an app that is created for children. You simply set limits. Could it be we are sheltering children too damn much. Taking an orange and making a whole fruit salad out of it? There is no doubt in my mind that parents and doctors alike make extreme jumps when it comes to anything remotely violent, negative, or against the beliefs of that particular parent.

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