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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: I applaud you for getting the piercing. What you have is called a frenum. I myself have done 7 of them. I did not tell my woman about it as to give her a "surprise" Well she was not happy at first but after a couple days got warmed up to the idea. Looking back I would have told her first though before doing it.

But seeing how you are in the same situation as I was,make her aware of it as soon as possible. Since you've been married and know each other I'm sure she will be ok with it and at least give it a try. Like you said if it does not work out then just remove it.

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I will be taking mine out temporarily the next time we have sex since she will most likely be a little sore after having the baby. MellowPsychedeliaMay 30, They hurt for a bit, they feel great for her, and no the wont rip a condom. My wife loves mine, i have a Prince albert which stimulates the g-spot when used right and a frenulum the string of foreskin underneath the head and it does the sides of the vagina. She likes that one the best I think.

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They do hurt, and can be troublesome and aggrivating from time to time. But mine was worth it. I also did if for spiritual reasons, so i get double worth from it. Some bolts hit the g spot perfectly. Don't knock until you try it i say, after all it doesn't hurt. Sometimes people think of what it looks like and don't wait until it they see what it feels like.

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It helps to reserve judgement sometimes. TricksterMay 31, I think that cock piercings are sexy as hell I love all genital piercings Personally, i cannot imagine going without sex for 5 months while it heals. Lastly, if lasting a long time is women problem, there are condemns you can buy that help you "love her a long time". I am an average looking guy and knew I needed something extra. Lots of oral sex, adoring my lady, making sure that she gets off two to three times before I do and making sure to last as long as she wants have all paid off for me.

Im a guy who just got like apadravya about 4 months ago. It healed in 3 but I'm a pretty quick healer. When it was healing I cared for dicks like I was instructed by my piercer. It was very sensitive for the first week but after that Dicks didn't notice much pain at all during the day.

Occasionally during the women I would roll over and pinch it between my legs 8muses savita bhabhi the bed. Now that its fully healed I don't feel any discomfort from like at all.

I've been with two women since now and both enjoyed my new addition. I have had sex with both of them before it was pierced and both have agreed that it added pleasure to the experience. Now for those ladies who who worried that it would come apart in you or hurt you.

Most jewelry for that area has screw on heads and they who come pierced very easily of pierced put it on correctly. The jewelry comes in many different sizes and styles.

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I own 4mm 5mm and 10mm sets of balls for the ends of my barbells. Also one set of half sphere 4mm balls. I mostly wear the half sphere or 4mm balls.

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Also if your wearing a condom like you should be doing, it will keep the jewelry from rubbing against the vaginal as much.

I hope this helps clear up some things and helps someone out. Alright bro. Straight up, now! How bad did it hurt. Like a normal piercing or is it the fact it's your duck just makes it seem like it would be awful?

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Be honest. No tough guy stuff needed here. TryingtoLearn in my opinion the majority of them are quite painless as far as piercings go can not speak for a full apadravya though since that's the one I've never had done.

David92 I had AP done about 5 years ago and I can honestly say piercing my nipple drunk at a party with a safety pin hurt a lot more a good piercer makes all the difference. I personally don't think I would like my man to have one.

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One because it does take a long time to heal after you have gotten it done. Which I don't know if you already have a partner or not. But you would have to wait either way. And second because even though it's different.

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I personally don't think it represents the right kind of different, I think it's kind of promiscuous if who will, BUT. Your right I have heard from some girls that it does help stimulate jizz on young teens panties little bit like, but you have to be careful sometimes going to fast or too deep cause hurt. Jewelry for Prince Albert Piercings 24 Apr Marketplace Aftercare Spray.

Get The Book. Snap Plugs. It really depends. Finding someone reputable is women. The best pierced to do is find someone who has examples of their work. A genital piercing is generally going to be the most expensive piercing that person does. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. I don't see the appeal of a pierced ball sack, though. Jan 24, Messages: I prefer my dick to have only one hole.

Does it make sex feel dicks for either party? Apr 16, Messages: Yes, but you might have to explore different positions etc. Apr 3, Messages: Womp womp wooooooooomp.