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If you want to understand why its important to have an attorney represent you. To prove that you violated PC ithe DA must prove beyond a reasonable doubt each of the following elements window the offense: You wandered, delayed, prowled or lingered on the private property of another person While you had no authority, consent or other lawful purpose to be on the property And looked into, or peeked, into a window or peeping of an inhabited structure or dwelling on that property Element of Inhabited Dwelling or Structure There is naked little short girls requirement that anyone be in the building or dwelling when you look or peek into it so long as it is window used for habitation.

Element of Wandering, Delaying, Prowling or Lingering No one wants someone peeping their property who is not authorized to be there.

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Element of Unlawful Purpose Being on private property without consent could be by accident but a reasonable person would understand the difference between public and private property. Penalties Window PC A violation of PC i is always a misdemeanor. What is the penalty for a first offense? What is the penalty for a second or third offense? Legal Defenses. There are always defenses that can peeping raised to any alleged criminal defense.

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For penal codethe defenses include: No Proof of Peeking You must have been seen peeking or looking into the window or door of an inhabited residence, dwelling or building. You were on Public Property You have to be on private property as an element of this offense. You were not Loitering, Lingering, Prowling or Wandering If you were window through on private property and happened peeping an open door or glanced into a window but without delaying or lingering, then you have not window while loitering, lingering or wandering.

Your Purpose or Being on the Property Was Lawful If you were invited on the property, doing work as a contractor or are a meter reader or surveyor and authorized to be there, then your purpose for being on private property is lawful. The Structure was Uninhabited You cannot be convicted of peeking into an abandoned building or former inhabited dwelling where it is clear no one is living there or is being lived in by squatters peeping homeless individuals 4.

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The elements of this offense include: You looked or viewed through a small opening Window another room or its interior To observe nearly pornographic album covers person who has a reasonable expectation of privacy By the use of a device or instrumentality to assist in the observation, and With the intent to invade the privacy of that person These rooms or their interiors include 5: Bathrooms Dressing rooms Bedrooms Tanning booths Anywhere else where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy Devices or instrumentalities include 6: Telescope Periscope Camcorder Cell phone camera Binoculars Video camera Other camera This code section has a specific provision at PC j 2 targeted at those individuals who: Penalties For Invasion of Privacy.

A window of PC peeping is a misdemeanor. The penalties are the same as those for a violation of PC i: Legal Defenses For PC j. No Reasonable Expectation peeping Privacy A person does not always have a reasonable expectation of privacy regardless of what they say.

There was Consent Couples do make sex tapes for their own viewing but doing so obviates your later contention that you did not consent to being photographed or taped.

What is the penalty for a second or third offense?

Related Offenses. California Penal Code Re quest A Free Consultation Diana Aizman, Esq. November 30, January 28, in Uncategorized Ms. Last updated on January 28, by Diana Aizman, Esq.

Clinton Township man arrested in Royal Oak for alleged window peeping

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