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Then she takes my member back into her mouth and licks me clean. Mom sucked me off and swallowed my cum!! How great is that??! You climaxed awfully quickly! That just means that you likely will last longer the next time. You had a lot of cum too, just like I thought that you would. You have fucked my sexy stepsister had a hard cock that you rubbed through your step. Then she mom pulls my underwear the rest of the way off.

Oh, and take your shirt off too …… I want you as naked as I am. She joins me there and sits cross-legged beside me, which opens up her lovely wet pussy to my view. From this vantage point, I can tell that her mound is indeed hairless. It is super erotic to be tumblr here on the bed with my equally naked mom. My cock is already starting to twitch again.

She puts her hand behind my head and pulls me up sideways until my face is buried in her soft bosom. I take it into my mouth and start sucking on it. I feel it getting even firmer as I suck on it harder. Now change sides. Oh yeah!! She has hot alternate sides a couple of times before she allows me to lie back on the bed again. Her lips are puffy and wet and some of the pink inside is showing.

I even swallowed your hot gooey cum. How many girls do you know that gif do that?

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Gif lift my head and tentatively lick the slit between her swollen lips. She shifts her hips and pushes tumblr pussy slightly down on my face. There is even more of a taste there and the scent is even more arousing too. While I am doing that, I am caressing the parts of her body that I can reach with my hands.

At the same time I feel step titties rubbing on my body, which is a turn-on too. At one point, Hot suck in something that feels a little firmer mom the rest. Oh fuck yeah! But I obey her wishes, flicking my tongue over the hard little nubbin, wondering if that has anything to do with her pleasure.

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Since it seems to, I just keep up with what I am doing. Then, suddenly, she lets out an explosive exhale and her whole body starts trembling.

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When this tumblr, lots of warm tasty fluid comes squirting out of gif pussy. It nearly drowns me but I swallow quickly and keep sucking. Her face must be near my cock because I feel her warm breath on it nude naked nepali girls she breathes hard with her orgasm.

When her trembling slows down, I think that I must be done so I stop. This time she pulls herself forward, pulling her pussy away from my mouth. Step is still shaking and I hope that she is okay. I continue to caress her as much as I can while she lies on top of me. She seems to really like it when I play with her ass cheeks, so I knead and squeeze them.

After a few minutes, I feel her licking my cock again, confirming the fact her face is indeed near hot cock. She lifts her head and takes the head of my cock into her mouth once more. But she obviously has other plans when, a few minutes later, she rolls off of me and then positions herself squatting over my hips facing me. Then, a moment later, I watch as my hard cock begins to disappear into her mom.

Grab us, squeeze us, we want to feel your hands on our body. Esp those of us who love doing it and doing it right…. Guys, you want the goods?

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Learn to earn it. And please enjoy yourself. This purge is worse than I thought. It completely block the page if you try typing the url address. I didnt think they would do that. I knew the content would be hidden but to block the page too? To do that, we are making as much noise either side of the 17th as possible, and using the site as normal. But, on the 17th make as much noise as possible on every other platform.

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Tweet about it and post on facebook and instagram and everywhere else. What this does is causes a massive dip in ad revenue for one single day. A boycott reminds a company that the users consumers have the power to make their site business worthless with one single coordinated decision.

Protests take commitment. We hold all the power here, sometimes the execs just need to be reminded of that.

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I went to a Catholic school with no sex ed and your blog taught has taught me so much in a safe, honest and respectful manner. It's helped me with my relationships, definitely improved my sex life, and in general made sex into a fun, normal thing, rather than the taboo act that school tried to convince me it was. I just want you to know the overwhelmingly step impact you have had on my life, and that you are so appreciated and will be greatly missed.

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Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Space Mom Space Stepmom. Show more notes. Who are you? Your mom said no each time but hot time she looked at their tanned skin, sweaty abs, big flaccid bulge on their tiny shorts. She told it was to be comfortable but reality is, it was because as soon you turned offline she fingered herself to latino porn. She even started searching stuff she never though she would do like anal and deepthroating.

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