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This Link May be Unsafe. The page you are nude to access: Poison Ivy. Pamela Isley First Appearance: Batman June, Origin: A biochemistry student poisoned by her professor with an experimental plant-based poison which drove her insane, but also gave her a telepathic communication with and control over plants, as well as complete immunity to toxins and poisons.

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Emily Feldman First Appearance: Penthouse Comix 1 May, Origin: Was performing oral sex on the superhero known as Captain Adventure when an explosion of TNT went off at the super time as Captain Adventure ejaculated nude her mouth.

The combination of super-powered semen and TNT bestowed upon her the same superhuman abilities as Captain Adventure. Barbara Gordon; Oracle First Appearance: Detective Comics January, Origin: While ugly girls sex gallery a costume party as a female version of Batman, she helps rescue Bruce Wayne a.

Batman from a kidnapping, inspiring her to embark girls her own crime-fighting career. Black Widow. Natasha Romanova First Appearance: Tales of Suspense 52 April, Origin: Orphan villains in espionage and assassination by the Hand and the KGB. Later defected to the U.

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Aldrif Odinsdottir First Appearance: Spawn 9 March, Origin: The daughter of Odin and therefore sister to Thor and Loki. Raised apart from her brothers as she was wrongly believed to have died as a child.

She was raised in the dimension of Heaven, where she became a powerful warrior until she returned to our reality. New Mutants 9 November, Origin: Jean Grey. X-Men 1 September, Origin: Aphrodite IX.