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Vanessa is tired of her stepbrother Cody being such a jerk to her. Even when her step-dad orders his son to let her watch TV, he hogs the remote to watch a ball-game. Vanessa knows that for all his macho exterior, he is secretly a panty bitch who wants to smell and wear her panties.

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Vanessa comes up with a plan. She sets the webcam on her computer to record, then catches her stepbrother sniffing her panties and cross-dressing in her clothes.

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Vanessa catches him in the act and tells him she has him recorded in her clothes. Unless he wants his father to find out about his panty fetish, he had better start doing everything she says.

Shamed by the prospect of his dad finding out his secret, he quickly agrees.

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After busting her step-brother Cody wearing her clothes, Vanessa teases him by showing off her beautiful pussy. She laughs as she tells him subby she knows how much he wishes he had a vagina rather than his small useless penis, but that is why his place is worshiping a real woman.

Vanessa sits back and enjoys an orgasm hubby her stepbrother humbly worships her pussy, terrified that Vanessa will tell his father his shameful secret. Having already introduced her step-brother Cody to the taste of her vagina, Vanessa now orders him clips4sale taste her ass.

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