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Her voice can switch registers and genders and ages in a second. And the first single is entirely about the humiliation of wearing a dress. It's an important if.

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If you put it on, you put on the whole unfortunate gender that comes with it. Hence, the underlying question: Do I really have to? She performed in leather and t-shirts, with scraped-back hair and no makeup, thrillingly butch.

But Dry is fetal and unformed. It's a first album, and no matter how good it is, she still sounds like some girl with a band. Several things happened to spur that realization. Harvey, who was paralyzingly shy and considered music her side project, became famous. She went on a tour that drove her to the point of exhaustion. She was kicked out of college. She stopped eating.

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All-Time Best Angels Vol. While her analyses of life on the sexual front can at times be revelatory, too much tumescent prose does tend to get dull. Next time around, Harvey might consider writing about something more personal.

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Like her job, for instance. Which live onstage she's getting pretty good at. Last year the show she and her band, PJ Harvey, put on at Cabaret Metro was stiff and precise, right down to the roadie who prepared the stage by holding a tape measure up to Harvey's mike stand, carefully gauging the distance from floor to microphone.

This action spoke volumes about Harvey--who certainly can't be accused of being sloppy about her career. But this rigidity also added up to a show that was fairly, to use the title of her last album, dry. When she came out to play, there was nothing in her looks that hinted at the lyrics' subterranean emotion. Poker-faced, her hair slicked back into an austere bun, thin body clad in a plain black tank top and boy's pants, she remained a remote presence.

She barely interacted with her band, let alone the audience. On her recent return trip to the Metro Harvey was in many ways more accessible and stagewise than last time around--her sex presentation, for starters, was a degree turn. She came outfitted in a 50s-starlet getup of spangly low-cut evening gown, silver high heels, and rhinestone shades. Harvey, who spends a lot of interview time complaining that nobody gets her jokes, seemed to be working her new look as a goof.

With this woman you have to grab the humor wherever you can. The glitter look--complete with one large, dangling out of country porn sex came off as a rather eloquent nod to her growing celebrity. Joining opening band Gallon Drunk onstage for their encore, Harvey was cool but engaged.

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Together they were a pretty stunning sight: During her own set Harvey smiled just a little. Phone conversation. How ya feelin? Wanna hang out? Alright, bye bye. Off the phone What the fuck!? I hope he's not PJSing.