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Russia, as with most empires, was a country composed of many different ethnic and racial classics, but most famous Russian literature comes from a more homogeneous demographic. That alone makes this novel, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature ina must-read; telling the story of Cossacks called up to fight in World Russian I and later the revolution, it offers an reesweb perspective on both that is thrilling and educational. Hilarious and filled with smart observations, the most striking aspect of Oblomov the character turns out to be his complete lack of character arc — Oblomov russian to do nothing and considers doing nothing to be texts triumph of self-actualization.

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Everyone is familiar with the basic plot of this book, still often considered pornographic or at least morally bankrupt today. Russian Music MoreMore music videos. Also ideal for target language lexical and contextual searches and other language-oriented uses.

Electronic Texts

Requires Russian fonts. Also included in Language Materials links below. Truly colossal! British Library: Many links to Russian resources. There are also links to the British Library's collections in other Slavonic languages from Belarusian to Ukrainian, as well as links to the Library's collections in non- Slavonic former Soviet republics and Communist Eastern European countries. Wikipedia - Russian Language Very rich and deep encyclopedia entry.

Russian Writing System Basic introduction to Russian alphabet with addition information and language related links. Listeners of Voice of America's "Special English" broadcasts will recognize the slightly slower rate of speech and textual redundancy which characterize these webcasts. With exercises and scripts. George Mitrevski's Homepage Includes: Learn to Read Russian: Rockin' Russian An intermediate to advanced language course that uses Russian music videos to teach language, culture and a lot more.

Predominately in Russian with a limited English version.

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Original Language Russian 20th century 19th century. Homepage of Eugene Peskin's Electronic Library, offering Russian literary classics of the 19th and 20th centuries in electronic format. Included, are Turgenev, Chekhov, Dostoevskii, Tolstoi, and many others. Prose as well as Poetry are included. In Russian only. March 27, Last checked on: Russian Czars, The Romanov Dynasty.

The Romanovs. The Romanov Dynasty: Russia's Past: Prologue To The Future.

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Alexandra, wife of Nicholas II. Alexander I. Alexis Mikhailovich. Catherine the Great. Ivan V Ivan Alexeevich. Mikhail Feodorovich Romanov. Genghis Khan: The Heritage of Genghis Khan.

Rasputin, Georgy. The Mongols and the Emergence of Moscow. Napoleon's Invasion of Russia. The Path to Revolution. Chronology of Russian History: Pre-Petrine Period. Russian Globe is a monthly Internet magazine featuring literature, art, and music. In Russian, with a limited English version. December 08, Last checked on: History Libraries Literary Texts: Original Language Russia Russian.

The Electronic Resources Library from MGU, provides full-text access to a number of Russian history sources, from the 17th through 20th centuries. There are also links to other online sources outside this virtual library.

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The site is in Russian and English versions, while the source texts themselves are in Russian or Old Russian. Elektronikus Periodika Full text of many contemporary Hungarian journals. Accessible by broad subject category or the title of the journal.

Laikraksti newspaper titles. Interface in English or Lithuanian.

Great Works of Russian Literature Everyone Should Read

This is one of the many invaluable lists of links compiled by the librarians of the Jagiellonian library. It is certainly not to be overlooked for those interested in Polish literature. Directory of Polish materials Polish digital inventory with a wealth of material. Searchable by title or author. History of Regions. History of Cities. History of Flight: Russia ; Search Lighthouse Explorer for Russia.

Cultural History. Lists of Statesmen. List of Ambassadors.

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Statistical Data. Responsible Institution. Population Figures. Document Collections. Historical Newspapers. Official Gazettes.