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I thought, if millions of other people can do it, I can do it. I was kind of in denial as to whether it was really real or not, as I often mentioned in the film. I thought it was a big scam until I finally got to the photo shoot and realized there was no turning back.

This was real and I was involved. We all got a good laugh out of that. I loved it.

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I thought it was a wonderful shot. But despite NFL officials reportedly being aware of the Playboy pictorial, the Chargettes were disbanded. ESPN noted the Chargers fired the entire squad before the issue was even published. Stuart said that for decades, she felt guilty for participating in the controversial shoot that led to the sudden firing. In Marchshe was invited to the wedding of another former Chargette, where she was ostracized by the other women just for appearing. It was a major milestone in my life.

I would probably do it again, but… I would be more exploratory in what the ramifications were. We have to communicate to our daughters that getting sexual attention from a crowd of people for dancing half naked in front of them is a cheap way to get attention.

Encourage them to use their God-given beauty and the social capital that comes with it to make a difference in the world, not to give it away to a bunch of men as part of time-out entertainment at a game.

Of course, the sixteen-year-old, sinful boy inside me loves all this, just the way Mr. Schramm envisioned. Stop being complicit in the objectification of women and stimulating pornographic allure in men. Have them put more clothes on.

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Have them tone down the twerking. Get rid of the provocative postures and expressions. But we need to reform what this has become, for both the women and those who are watching them.

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Stop normalizing and aiding in the justification of the sexual objectification of these women. Turn away during routines. Encourage conversation. Look at your phone. To women who aspire to be a professional cheerleader: The God-given feminine power of sensuality is a wonderful stewardship you get to manage. Like others who face the responsibility of power, how that power gets used has consequences—both for the user and those affected by it.

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While anyone can understand the allure of pursuing opportunities that arise with using God-given beauty and sensual attractiveness for celebrity, going down that path always comes with a cost. The cost of being reduced leaders skin and sexuality. The cost of losing your identity real becoming a sensual cheer in the minds mature amature anal watchers. The cost of causing others to stumble, either out of comparison or lust.

All of these realities demean both you and the gifts God has given you. Dance is certainly a pictures expression and nude of your body, but professional cheerleading comes with sexualized baggage that makes it worth reconsidering. Ed Uszynski 9 min read. A few examples include: What place do partially clothed women dancing provocatively have at our professional sporting live at all?

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How are we all complicit in their objectification by our silent approval of their performances? Why do we support their mostly naked existence at professional sporting events without objection? Get our "Top Articles" sent to your inbox weekly. Thank you! You have successfully subscribed.

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An issue has occurred. Please try again or contact website administrator. Facebook Twitter Email. Ed can be reached at ed. The Principle of Perseverance. News4 contacted several former Redskins cheerleaders who were with the team in Two of them, who did not want to be identified, naked united states marines the events described in the Times story were exaggerated and that the experience described in the story was not recognizable to them.

Another former cheerleader, Charo Bishop, tweeted " fakenews" with a link to the Times story. The report comes as former NFL cheerleaders file discrimination lawsuits. In April, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader said cheerleading coaches mocked her after learning she was a virgin.

Privacy policy More Newsletters. More videos 1 of 9. Some former Redskins cheerleaders pushed back against a New York Times report that said they were required to pose topless in front of spectators and escort men to a nightclub during a trip to Costa Rica. News4's Shomari Stone reports. Published Thursday, May 3,