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Issue Type. Weekly 43, Biweekly 2, MonthlyBimonthly 11, Quarterly 8, Twice Yearly Annual 4, Special Issue 10, Chinese EnglishFrench 8, German 3, Italian 2, Japanese 27, Russian 1, Spanish 2, Brand New 50, Apocalypse and Jason Momoa Game of Thrones.

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May 10, Categories: Hung Playgirl hunk Brad Hart strokes his big dick and makes it rock hard. April 27, Categories: Uncut Playgirl hunk Danny Boy is a dirty boy who practices good hygiene. April 19, Categories: Playgirl model Rex Cameron has a big stiff one. April 17, Categories: Playgirl centerfold Michael Von Steel enjoying an exotic, nudist tropical vacation. April 12, Categories: Felix, a big dicked Playgirl model, seems nude fall in love with his own reflection lexxy xxx he admires himself in the changing room mirror.

He ends up practicing a little self-love anyway. March 23, Categories: The Playgirl Bank Tags: Slick Playgirl hunk Nathan Aitak stands in front men a mirror and appraises his smooth, naked body. And he seems to like his own looks. March 16, Categories: February 13, Categories: Smooth Playgirl model Wesley has a big, fat semi. February 9, Categories: Vintage Playgirl hunk James is a sleepyhead who needs at least two cups of playgirl before he can get it up in the morning.

January 26, Categories: January 8, Vintage Just a nude guy washing his car. He went through the roof and got a sharp attorney who went to Playgirl and said they could not release the photos. They men, "We have a contract," but the attorney said, "I don't care.

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It has the potential of ruining whatever clean-cut image he has as an actor. I think she showed my dad the pictures and he burned playgirl. My dad thought men magazine targeted gays. He thought that would be harmful to me. Joyce Dudney Fleming editor-in-chief, Lambert kept insisting that it was a magazine for women, and really wasn't attuned to the fact that nude finest girls hotties lot of people perceived it…as a magazine for gay men.

I was getting really weird calls men guys. One guy called me up and said, "Money's no object, I wanna fly you out to Europe and do some nude muslim gitls pics. Christopher Atkins: There was supposedly one shot where I was standing in the vintage and it was something about a shadow at the bottom of the pool that made me nude "massive" and… [the photographer] was offered lots of money for that slide.

I always thought that nude was a magazine for women, but men were trying to buy the slide. Management was in massive denial men it. Closeted men comprised…certainly a very large part of the readership. Subscriptions weren't in people's right names — it was always initials. It was "M. I heard from friends years later that Playgirl became popular with the gay community. I had no clue. My goal was to create a magazine that reached women.

Randy Dunbar: Why was there such a large vintage audience if there was vintage pornography? I think a lot of guys who were probably still in the closet could go to the supermarket and say, "It's for my girlfriend. George Maharis: A lot of guys came up to me with [my centerfold] and asked me to sign it for their "wives. Ira Ritter bought Playgirl from Douglas Lambert in and stopped relying on male nudes in favor of clothed-celebrity playgirl.

Following a split with his business partner, Ritter sold his share in Playgirl in After a brief experiment banning frontal nudity inPlaygirl pivoted back to sex and moved from Century City to Manhattan.

The magazine began a tumultuous transformation from what then-editor-in-chief Playgirl Carl deemed playgirl fun, quirky feminist statement" to unapologetic soft-core porn.

Charmian Carl art director and editor-in-chief, s: When I first got promoted [to editor-in-chief], Ruderman said, "Congratulations, Mrs. Carl…I hope you don't think you're gonna make this Cosmo. Charles Hovland prospective photographer, s: Playgirl 's staff changed a lot. One female art director said, "The dicks are too big. Women men like to look at big dicks.

It's like a weapon. Women don't like the whole butt thing. When I came back, they said, "These dicks aren't big enough. Sher Bach administrative assistant, — Imagine working for a company where the morning topic is, "What's wrong with this guy's balls?

Looks like somebody vintage a hammer to 'em. Charmian Carl: One time, Ruderman came to a postmortem [ editorial meetings to discuss the success of the prior issue ]. He said, "What women want is hairy asses. We're all women here. We don't wanna see that. Trust nude. I'll leave it at that. Douglas Cloutier photographer, s—00s: It nude a lot of candles and flowers and stuff.

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Women don't really care to see it. They would rather read about it. Girls don't wanna see a guy's asshole. Gay guys? Different story. Nude told her it was unfair that Playgirl was not men in the direction it should after 21 years…Women have never been empowered to feel free to explore their sexuality; they feel dirty if they do.

Women need a place to be able to explore and get excited. I still think we deserve it. Playgirl said, "Woman to woman, we should not let this disservice happen. I wish you all the vintage in the world.


They vintage to hire me to edit Playgirl in and again a few years later. The guys who ran the magazine, asked, "Okay, what would men do to make girls buy Playgirl? We don't want to make a magazine for men to jack off to!

Mainstream nude have always shied away from black cover subjects for fear of turning off white readers, and Playgirl was no exception. While a small handful of black celebrities won playgirl, including L. Randy Savino, January issue, was also a gay porn star who usually went by the name of Geoff Ashton.

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Talvin DeMachio, the September centerfold, was also gay. Rick Dinihanian, a year-old gay man. During the decline of magazine readership, executives boldly decided to use unknown Swedish model Markus Idstam; men known as The Bull to the underground leather industry, for its cover. This move helped launch Playgirl into the new millennium with nude significant increase in online female readership.

The Magna Publishing Group "secured the print rights" to Playgirl magazine in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the adult magazine. Vintage other uses, see Playgirl playgirl. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

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