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All these MTV Challenge arrested adolescents are hot, horny and usually wasted out of their minds. He flirted with every cast member, ran around naked all the time and never met a stranger. How can you say he was shy?

I hate Shep and aandy- both are fugly. Some guys may be completely heterosexual for most of their life and then meet one guy who they are sexually attracted to. Some straight guys are not mature enough to handle a same sex attraction, so they repress it. Have you ever ever heard of logic? But yea, I agree with the other comments — Danny was and is the cutest.

Straight Real World Star Isn't Shy About What 'Just Happened' With Other Men

A post shared by Joe Delate joeydnyc on May 21, at 4: A post shared by Danny Roberts jdannyroberts on Jun 18, at 4: Brad Fiorenza: The Real World: San Diego. A post shared by Brad Fiorenza bradfiorenza on Aug 2, at 1: Finally home and ready to spend the rest of today relaxing.

A post shared by Karamo karamobrown on Aug 26, at 4: When pictures I send my boyfriend become my favorite pictures. So I was planning to ask this a little later, but considering your mention, what inspired you to get totally naked in the confessional on Episode 8?

That was such a seminal reality TV moment. I got really pissed off because every day Tovah would say she was fat when she had like the most perfect body in the house, she had abs. So I had a point in mind I wanted to make. Yeah, I do. Meagan messaged me when the preview came out, and she was like: Oh, my gosh. When I talk about being insecure about my hamster por I never want to make you feel that way — you have a normal body with curves.

And I was like: Meagan, I know. How can people — women, more specifically — cope with that type of emotional fluctuating? And for women, our weight and our body size, to be honest, can be a huge hurdle.

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If you want to be real about it, it started with porn. Does that get tiring to live up to? And sometimes I feel pressure put on me, especially since the show came out. Nobody is. We should not be comparing ourselves to anyone. Nobody in this world is better than anyone else.

So when I saw [my roommates], I was like: That really made me feel a lot better. While many "Real World" stars have appeared -- real continue to real -- on the spinoff series, it was one and done for Danny. Though he said men experience is "easy money" and filled with good people and great locations, "you get stuck in your life in a naked doing the show season after season. Some of the faces I saw in the lineup was like, oh world god, world like aging now and you must stop!

It becomes an addiction," he continued. And that's my advice to these kids that are getting caught into the stuff today, when you're at your high point, walk away from it. Let it go," he warned. The experience also led to one big regret. Appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" in with a number of "Challenge" alums, Roberts let it slip that he hooked up men one of his "straight" co-stars.

Not naming names, Danny confirmed that yes, he did hear naked the guy in question after his appearance and he was "definitely not happy about it.

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When TooFab noted that Andy Cohen has a way of making people say things they normally wouldn't, he joked, "Yeah, there's a reason there's a bartender on the show, they get you wasted beforehand! Courtesy Danny Roberts.

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Now 40, Roberts currently lives in Boston, where he works for the tech company InVision. He moved to the city with an ex -- with whom he shares custody of their two-year-old daughter Naiya -- but plans to relocate somewhere "out West" in the near future. Number one, it's given me a lot of purpose," he said of adopting a child and being a father. For most gays, having children is not the goal. That's totally fine, honestly, it was not my life goal either.

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It happened because it was meant to happen, but it wasn't necessarily my end goal in life either. She's two now. It's been a really crazy transition evolving into a new lifestyle and my life revolving around her, but it has been really positive and it has given me the purpose that I needed for this next stage in my life.