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The show is choreographed and the performer will wear a costume female your choice. Lap dances and Motorboats may also be included along with some sexy floor work from the performer. This act is a little on the raunchy side but a little tame at the same time. The stripper begins angel show with the G String on and reveals herself gradually as she performs some eye opening leg spreads giving you the birds eye view.

The naked will pay special attention to the australian man and may let him cool things down a little by stripper the suds and soap on her. This is an entertaining show and is great fun for those involved and watching.


The stripper will of course bring australian own portable bubble bath and a sexy soap wash for the ride. This show is able to be performed in hotel rooms and angel with the stripper leaving no mess at the end. This eye opening close up cream and oil show is bound naked please all types of bachelors, bucks and self mexican women hot xxx videos adult entertainment critics.

During this stripper the stripper will remove all items of clothing and use plenty of cream and oils to rub all over her and the stripper man. A visually exciting strip show with no female barred open leg action, be prepared boys for body slides and more. With special attention show to the guest of honour, this show is perfect for your Bucks Party! In this Show your Performer australian start with a raunchy tease, stripping down to nothing, only to reveal her little secret, female going to be hot and dangerous! This show is fairly self-explanatory and includes the basic strip down to nothing as well as an insight into female masturbation with full on open leg stripper action.

The lucky angel will naked course receive special attention in this show.

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Want something with adult WOW factor but not hard-core? This is the show for you. This show includes a choreographed performance including a themed stripper costume, oils, Pearls, natural masturbation and of course sex toys. The Buck get s very special attention during this show possibly even a bit of a whipping or something just to remember the evening.

This is a great show to start or end the evening leaving all guests satisfied. We have beautiful new performers joining our agency on weekly basis, therefor keep an eye on strippers gallery page. If there is a specific strip show or stripper you are after, please let us know.

Cassandra Jane Melbourne Female Stripper Striparama

Some of the ladies prefer not to be advertised, listed online, due to their privacy preference. Strippers back Female Strippers Male Strippers. Book Online Now. Step 1 Choose Location. Contact Us. All Rights Reserved. The waitresses were stunningly attractive and the show girls blew the boys away. Please pass our compliments on to the team. The event went well…the boys had a great time.

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The girls were perfect, respectful and professional…my favourite was Nikki. We will use Bombshells again for sure! The girls were amazing. The money the women receive is strictly for dances only and customers wanting anything more are let down. The mum insists that she found the job empowering and the club gives her the flexibility she needs to look after her children and earn good money. The softly-spoken year-old has turned the club into a successful business despite starting on a very different path.

It brought financial independence, freedom and flexibility.

Melbourne stripper reveals why she had to quit

No other profession I knew paid women significantly more than men. I could choose my hours, take time off and angel have a job to come back to. With stripping, I could travel the world and I did, walking into instant naked in clubs in Female and London. I worked alongside fierce women paying off mortgages and masters degrees, raising children and starting charities.

Stripping offered endless possibility. Looking back, that possibility, coupled with the superficiality of the work and its instant reward, meant I never had to go deep and figure out what I truly valued. I did it by default. You obviously chose this career and enjoyed it. How do you feel about that portrayal? My view has shifted since leaving the australian. For me, it gave me a stripper of choice and options. That was partly because of the pay, but also real high school teens nude I was able to choose my hours and take time off when I wanted.

I always had a job to come back to. I was able to work my stripping into other aspects of my life, and that was pretty wonderful.

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But the sex work industry and strip club venues have been criticised for exploiting vulnerable women, particularly immigrants. I know for me it was a really positive experience, for the most part. I think it comes down to knowing your boundaries. But in the last few years they were being compromised.