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Matthews-Grieco, Sara F. A lot of Shakespeare jokes are repetitive and he can never resist ones about cuckolds and their horns. Jokes of literary giant generated small laughs.

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She claims the dance symbolizes the forgetting of one's cuckoldom, an act of oblivion echoing the political one, as a triumph for the cuckoldsnot for Horner: Sign in. Rebecca Jane Stokes. Sex January 20, The history of this super-fascinating sexual kink.

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Click to view 25 images. Jacqueline Treboschi. Word of the Day cappuccino. October 02, Read More. New Words panda parenting. Cuckolds 30, A man who willingly encourages his wife to sleep with other people because it brings him pleasure. Cuckolds exist on mean spectrum between two extremes. One on end is the masochistic cuckold who enjoys humiliations, degradation, and other demeaning activities at the hands of his wife and her lover.

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The alpha cuckold lies at the opposite end of the spectrum and does not enjoy any form of humiliation and often has a direct say in who his wife sleeps with and when. His wife made him a cuckold when she slept with his best friend. Powered by CITE. Are we missing a good definition for cuckold?

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Don't keep it to cuckolds Submit Definition. The fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for cuckolds names of people and places; mean is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public mean cards. The definition of a cuckold is a man who has been cheated on by his wife or significant other.

The Journal of Primary Prevention. The Daily Beast. Retrieved August 30, Again, it is distinguished from these concepts in that cuckold's thrill in their partner's acts is specifically masochistic.

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Masochism and the Self. New York: Psychology Press. Sexual fetishism. Book Category.