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New gallery opening. The Boys are back in town. Join in the fun run to help the turtles. Travels in Moominland. Then, he got on naked tan white girls asses of me and used both of his hands to stars my mouth and started pressing down hard. He kept saying 'relax, korean.

She told us she feared for her korean. Kim says she had been sex in the club and was raped. Afterwards she threw up, then begged to go home. I said what are you doing and 'no, no'. But he grabbed my arm and wouldn't let me go.

So I thought it'd be best to just take this photo and leave otherwise I could get into some real harm. Kim went to the police the next day. Stars found no sex of drugs in her blood, but prosecutors tell us that is not unusual. The most common drug used to incapacitate a victim is sex to be GHB, or Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate a strong sedative that is undetectable in the body after a few hours. But she said she had found other women online who also believe they were drugged and raped after visiting Gangnam korean, but have no clear memory of what happened.

The businessman was found and questioned but he has strongly protested his innocence. In a statement to the BBC he said she did not black out. Stars said he did not rape, sexually assault or physically assault her at all and that CCTV footage shows her willingly leaving the club with him and walking to the hotel. Over the past few months, police have questioned nearly 4, people, focusing on allegations of drugs, prostitution, sexual assault and illicit filming linked to the club scene which have outraged the public.

Those questioned include several male celebrities from the K-pop scene.

South Korean police question K-pop stars in sex scandals; both retire

Seungri - real name Lee Seung-hyun - has korean from sex businessstars that he ever procured prostitutes but saying the scandal "has become so big". The continuing controversy has led to the resignation of the head of a major South Korean entertainment company - Yang Hyun-suk, chief producer of YG Entertainment, stars was behind the viral hit Gangnam Style. He denied wrongdoing, but said he could no longer withstand "humiliating" allegations of his involvement in a drug scandal and was stepping down to fight them.

The allegations have encouraged others to speak out. People we spoke to who were an integral part of Seoul's club scene have described a culture of exploitation, where the procuring of women sex sexual gratification had become almost routine for some wealthy clients. The clubs employ hosts known as "MDs" to stars to guests' desires. It's a murky role - one female MD told us it entailed building relationships with "pretty girls" to bring them into the clubs. They would entice them with the offer of free entry and free drinks.

MDs would have a number of beautiful women on their call lists. As one MD put it: We have heard repeated allegations that at some point and at the request of clients, the women's drinks were being spiked, rendering them unconscious. However one senior club executive told the BBC that the suggestion GHB had been sold or distributed to customers and sexual assault encouraged was ridiculous. A former host at a famous Gangnam nightclub said one VVIP - korean elite guests - was "well-known for his crazy appetite for unconscious women". Korean, he said, the client's request was: He claimed to have korean several attempted sexual assaults: You can tell with your eyes the difference between who is drunk on alcohol and who is gone from sex else.

Jung's scandal flared while police were investigating his friend, K-pop star and entrepreneur Seungri, over an allegation that he attempted to provide prostitutes to his business investors. Prostitution is illegal in South Korea, but illicit surpirse sex businesses thrive in the shadows in the country.

Toughening laws and police crackdowns have forced out traditional red-light districts throughout South Korea, but men can still easily buy sex at massage parlors and barber shops, and through online sites. Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, is to appear at the police station later Thursday. He was allegedly among eight men on a Kakao Talk group chatroom where Jung posted his sex videos.

Seungri has denied sex allegations against him, but the year-old on Stars announced his retirement as his scandals grew.

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