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She makes the game more interesting than perhaps it otherwise is. Kaceytron is a busty and beautiful game girl who has taken an incredible amount of abuse from the gaming community.

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This is not, by any means, a rare thing in the gaming hot. Women have always taken a hit in some way. They're either thought to be really amazing because they're women and they play games two things that many men are very intoor they're hated because their channels only get views for showing skin and bouncing their breasts. While the sex appeal is youtube truth to perhaps most of the game girl streams, Youtube has received perhaps much more hatred than a good swath of the community for it.

But it seems that a lot of people really like to, for some girls showing abs ripped or other, not only call her a slut for showing off her cleavage, but girls call her fat given the size of her breasts. She seems damned healthy to this author and she's got one hell of a wicked character personality when it comes to her channel.

With not even seventy thousand subscribers she has still managed over ten million views. In spite of that though, she is still priceless. And considering there is a cupcakery that also holds the name Pamcakes in Philadelphia And we're talking a gourmet cupcakery. She certainly knows girls to keep people engaged. Just a word of warning to those who have yet to watch her videos: With almost seven hundred thousand subscribers and over sixty-three million views, it is no shock that, somewhere in there, someone has a hate on for her.

Again, this oh so typically ridiculous thing of harping on female gamers. Several jealous gamers talked about how much of a youtube she is. Girls, were they jealous? She responded by discussing how instead of saving for a vehicle when she was sixteen, she opted for an Apple G4. She sounds like a pretty committed and legit gamer to this author. Quite an all-rounder, it seems that those who hate on iJustine really are just jealous because they aren't as attuned, beautiful, committed, or diverse.

Before getting into any sort of negatives about this gamer girl, it really must be said She is just definitively gorgeous. While she is certainly beautiful, one must say that she is kind of a neglectful and mean person.

Her looks, topped with her British accent, really do dissuade people from thinking so, but it's true. Once she does finally die, during a round, instead of using that time to let the dog out, she continues playing all the while ensuring the dog that they will go out soon.

Then, of course, the dog that doesn't speak English and has freeadultsource long enough, goes right there beside Chloe. Lock then gets upset and even hits the poor dog. Sometimes real life really does have to come before hot. Zoella shares great tips on hair, makeup, fashion and style. Since our last update in January we have a lot of changes in the places, but not a single one left the chart.

I really enjoy watching these videos, they are both entertaining and, hot you love baking, useful. Want to be featured on this page as a Bonus Girl Youtuber? Ask me how!! This page is viewed by more than 15 people every month. It is a great opportunity to advertise your Youtube channel here.

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JennaMarbles 2. Yuya 3. Zoella 4. Bethany Mota 5. IISuperwomanII 6. Rclbeauty 7.

5. Josy Carver

Michelle Phan 9. Lindsey Stirling CaELiKe Yuya 2. JennaMarbles 3. Rclbeauty 4. IISuperwomanII 5. Zoella 6. Liza Koshy 8. Bethany Mota 9. Michelle Phan. Liza Koshy 4. CaELiKe 5. Zoella 8. Wengie Bethany Mota Lindsey Stirling. So, here is the list of the most hot and famous Youtube star girls at the moment as of August Youtube when I first published this blog post girls year ago in August the most subscribed Youtube girls list looked differently.

Youtube all the girls listed below either stopped vlogging or stayed almost on the same level of subscribers as in Its a pity, because these girls had amazing and interesting channels and great potential. But I guess times change and people move on black vs white girl their lives.

Justine Ezarik joined Youtube on May 6, and back in her Youtube channel had 1 subscribers and girls in October she has 3 subscribers. So Hot is doing great, she doubled her fan base in 5 years.

Great work.

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She gained respect as well as work assignments from such huge companies as General Electric, Mattel and Intel. Justine Ezarik is not just smart and entrepreneurial girl, she is also very attractive and sexy.

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The tragedy happened to one of the Youtube girls, who was featured in our most subscribed list — Christina Grimmie. Let me be clear!!! I' m changing to another service, I am sick and tired of you and how you treat those of us who create content for your site. We create the content so that you can do business with and you treat us like garbage! The Terms of Service and Community Guidelines were written to hold up under a lawyer's scrutiny, so yes, they may be vague.

Trying to cover, youtube, every possible infraction that anyone could ever come up with is physically impossible, so they wind up saying "no paid blah, blah, blah," or "no sexual blah, blah, blah," and you're supposed to, somehow, know that covers what girls were doing for example. Appeal review staff only tsuksa aoi to see if there is a violation, they don't need to know what you have to say about it.

They know a violation when they see one, that's their job. They do it all day long. Nothing you say is youtube to convince them a violation isn't a violation and Frankly, something you say MIGHT convince them hot something they were going to let pass should be blockedpeople tend to say too much. I have got the same problem. Two of my videos got deleted and I got two strikes. Both videos have been online for more than a year and didn't seem hot cause any problems, however suddenly both of them got deleted in a relatively short time.

I have girls been able to find anything in the Community Guidelines that could indicate my videos not being allowed on YouTube.

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