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Her date of birth is 21st April Despite her age, she has done pretty well handling the Gas Monkey Garage and her family with a husband and six kids. Here is her birthday Instagram post. It's my birthday and my coworker's couldn't make me feel any more special! Pictures to come! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

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A post shared by Christie Brimberry gmgchristie on Mar 21, at 7: Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kauffman have made quite a fortune from the show. To cut it short they are millionaires with impressive net worth. But do you know how much salary does Christie Brimberry takes from the office?

Or what her net worth is? Check it out. Also no words from her on how much salary she gets. At 40 years of age Fast and loud Christie girl still, has stunning looks. She has released some of her objects shoved in pussy pictures in the internet and fans are going Crazy. Christie herself is a dedicated dog lover who has many dogs at home.

She has two bulldogs named Lulu and Hank — The Tank. She has another dog whose name is Tyson. Christie also adopted a Rhodesia Ridgeback named Sydney. My Hank is growing so fast. He was sooo little when I got him and now I almost can't fit both of us in the picture!!

June 6, 2012

A post shared by Christie Brimberry gmgchristie on Aug 21, at She lives a realistic lifestyle with her family. She loves to give most of her time to cars. However, in gas free time, she girl being with her friends and family. Christie is also involved in social work and had contributed donations to child organizations. Christie Brimberry is at the age of 46 but still has a bikini body.

Her body measurement is with an exact height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Moreover, the height of Christie is more than the average height of women that attracts monkey people. Christie has also maintained her weight, which is around 50 kg. Because of her incredible bikini body, she looks almost 15 years younger than her real age. So, how does she maintain her bikini body?

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Well, she eats a healthy and balanced diet as well as she does lots of workouts and exercise to keep her figure. How do I keep the monkeys in line? A lot of this.

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Her career as an assistant became insanely famous when the business came in touch with Discovery channel. Monkey says that she would describe her job more as a zookeeper since she has to deal with her two co-workers daily and keep the mess they make under control. She got a lot of offers in the terms of being a manager in other corporations, but she has developed such a huge friendship with the guys from Gas Gas Garage that she would never leave the company, as she says.

She sometimes even brings her daughter to work because she wants her to see how hard her mother works to earn money and pay girl she has. Brimberry is a true woman to be admired. She used to have thyroid gland cancer and lymph node cancer.