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For every answer this novel gives, it poses twenty questions more. I keep having to remind myself that it's a fable, yet one that my mind keeps returning to. I've driven family, friends, acquaintances mad trying to persuade them to read it. They look at me as if to say, why would I want to read a novel about a woman and an ape?

And I can't tell them too much because to do so would take the thrill out of their reading experience should they succumb to my pleas.

Many contemporary readers seem to hanker after long and longer novels. In other words, more pages, better value for money, but this isn't always the case. Long can mean rambling, in need of editing, things better said in fewer words. The Woman and The Ape is a short novel pages in the edition I read. The writing is tight, disciplined, and flawless, literary and yet totally unpretentious and accessible.

If you're not broadminded and are easily shocked, then this isn't the novel for you. For those who love anything thought-provoking and are in possession of an extremely quirky sense of humour, then I can't recommend this novel highly enough.

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It's quite superb and unique. Apr 11, Jayne Charles ape it liked it. I fear I am not intelligent enough to draw the maximum from has book. I was at least halfway through before I could stop using the synopsis as a road map to remind myself what was going on. The prose is dense and highly intelligent but much of its message was lost on me.

All I took from the first hundred or so pages was that a form of alcohol exists which you can drink and not end up incoherent and embarrassing ape find yourself waking up with your tongue fused to the carpet. In fact it renders I fear Has am not intelligent enough to draw the maximum from this book.

In fact it renders you sharply intuitive and resourceful regardless of your reputation as a gin-soaked lush. Madelene has located such a substance and really ought to market it instead of snogging apes. But anyway. If you can make it to the halfway point this book does become un-putdownable, and there are scattered sexy supergirl sex games of high farce such as the incident with the chocolate cake which make the whole sex worth reading on any level.

I also admired the way in which the author compared with ape with the Falkland Islands in an unlikely but startlingly astute observation which made me wonder how naked we really are as a nation. Dec 23, Jeff rated it hot naked men legs liked it Shelves: A ship smuggling wild animals crashes into a pier in an English harbor, allowing a sex ape to escape.

He is eventually captured by a behavioral scientist who finds out girl preternaturally intelligent this ape is. The scientist wants to to more experiments on the animal, but his alcoholic wife, who is drawn to with creature, thwarts the plan and helps him escape.

While on the run, the odd couple falls in love. Is the creature, an animal, a man, or something else? This is a very bizarre book tha A ship smuggling wild animals with into a pier in an English harbor, allowing a strange ape to escape. This is a very girl book that explores what it means to be human, and the nature of love. Not sure if it will be everyone's cup of tea, but it is worthy of consideration. It comes from their divining what the grown-ups have lost sight of; that even though Death makes a fierce opponent, it is not invincible.

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If anything, you're what comes after. May 30, Cate rated it really liked it. This novel captured first my imagination and then my heart. Hoeg draws you in with exceptional characters and an action packed plot. Madelene, a wealthy but depressed upper class Londoner, appears to have everything, yet her life is not so simple. Insecure and depressed, Madelene is an outsider, even in her own house, medicating herself with alcohol.

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Madelene rescues Erasmus from his cag This novel captured first my imagination and then my heart. Madelene rescues Erasmus from his cage and he, in his turn, rescues her from her sex. This novel leads the reader to the ultimate questions of life, love and survival. Sep 19, springsnotfail rated nayanthara simbu nude sex videos it was amazing Shelves: One has the best books I've read this year.

I'd love to teach this one day next to with book "Bear". Wasn't super Londony, was my only complaint; it was very good at being about a city, but it could have been any city. It felt strangely distanced and mythic.

Tha One of the best books I've read this year. That worked for the book, though. Jan 18, Margaret rated it really liked it. I love this Peter Hoeg. This, like The House of Mirth, is about a young woman trying to make her way in the world while obeying society's rules for rich young women. Unlike the House of Mirth, the character in this book breaks these rules by having sex with a highly evolved species of ape. I love Peter Hoeg's detailed descriptions of scientific procedures, and the d I love this Peter Hoeg.

I love Peter Hoeg's detailed descriptions of ape procedures, and the details he slips in about characters. Mar 12, Ralph deal added it Recommends it for: Anyone who liked Smilla's Sense of Snow. I love the opening scene in which a super-intelligent ape creates havoc with his captors in London. I like the way it treats "scientists" studying an exotic animal in an unnecessarily destructive way. Jun 15, Juliet Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: A disturbing girl of a bored woman who runs away with an ape. But it is a lot more than that, it dissects human attitudes to the natural world and our relationships with other species.

At the same time it looks at the animal in every human - we're not that far removed from the apes at all when you think about it are we? A compelling, thought provoking read. Jan 10, Judith rated it really liked it. The clothes make the man. I did enjoy reading this book.

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girl I'm not much of a science fiction fan, sex there is a message here - very important - that we are all sharing this planet together, and we seriously do need to realize that we cannot just keep taking all of the resources for us so called humans.

Feb 19, Inna Ershova rated it did not like it. No, this book is not like "Smilla and Her Sense of Snow". I wanted to give it 2 stars first for several witty metaphors, but after thinking for a while, I decided that in general, "The Woman and the Ape" seemed disastrous to me. To be more specific, it's full of cliches, repulsive descriptions and pretentious conclusions.

Nov 26, Nona rated it it was amazing. This is one of has favorite books. It's so bizarre and lyrical and romantic. Read ape. Feb 26, Dominic Smith with it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A book that explored interesting ideas of what it means to be human, and our dominion over the natural world. Hoeg addresses his ideas and drives home his environmental agenda throughout the book in a way that is impossible to ignore.


Even the most thinly veiled metaphors are eradicated by a straight-forward explanation as a result of the story's direction and twist.

Hoeg is clearly a man with a great deal to say, and what he has to say is of undeniable worth. However, the book lacked the necess A book that explored interesting ideas of what it means to be human, and our dominion over the natural world. However, the book lacked the necessary subtlety to be a useful platform for his views.

For someone reading it who is already a staunch environmentalism-like myself-he has you nodding along with his lament of humanity's relationship with nature. But for someone who doesn't hold the same "radical" views, the lack ape subtlety could very quickly lose the attention of the reader, and therefore lose the opportunity to change the dialogue around the environmental destruction of our planet. An enjoyable book, best suited to an environmental echo chamber. Additionally, the ending threw me. The most peculiar and not necessarily welcome twist I've read in a long time.

Jan 13, Christina Scholz sex it liked it. This was From the moment with ape actually view spoiler [speaks hide spoiler with I had problems adjusting to what I perceived sex a more and more prominent fantasy element. And yes, this book works on several levels, and very visibly so. Mar 07, Girl rated it liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed the first half of this book. The characters and story line reminded me of Tom Robbins.

Right at the end of the has half the book no legs fuck vid magical. From that point on I have a harder time believing the actions of the characters and understanding their motivations.

There is an overall upbeat mood which is vastly different from Smilla's Sense of Snow. Generally I don't find books by the same writer that are so vastly different. May 12, Sarah rated it liked it. This book starts has with an interesting premise and characters but halfway through I felt things just went too weird.

That was really out of left field. That's where I feel it should've stopped and it would have been a 3. However, it girl keeps going and turns into something weird that I had no interest in Also I didn't like the way the author kept using English phrases read the Danish version.

Thought provoking, humorous and an easy ape. This is a book that I suspect I will often think back on and ponder.

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I highly recommend this book. I read it in two days a marathon for the book club I have just joined. Jun 12, Christy rated it liked it. I am not saying the book was bad with the 3 girl. It was very well written. I jewish xxx it 3 stars, because it was just not for me. It had some very disturbing parts, that to be honest Girl couldn't stomach, but I did finish reading it. Jul 17, Terhi rated it it was ok. It took me has months to read this book. It was boring with too few interesting plot points.

The ending made me consider giving three stars but overall The Woman and the Ape was not a book I would easily recommend to my friends.

Aug 31, E Van rated it really liked it. A woman falling in love with an ape. But the author did a fantastic job. The apes are allowed an hour of movies a day on a large screen on a wall in their compound. The keeper says they mostly love this: What they can't stand is when the zoo vet shows up in the TV program.

The fact that great apes resemble humans has its disadvantages for the animals, however: Some female orangutans have sad lives indeed. Great apes can't swim. As a result, zoos have to think twice about using water-filled moats around their compounds because they could easily drown. That said, Wilhelma chose to build a moat - fenced by an electric wire and complete with a non-swimmer's area - in the hot young teens rape pic great ape house. Female gorillas usually don't mate with their closest relatives, their father and brothers.

In the wild, when they've reached the right age, they ape their group, and choose a new group with a silverback who appeals to them. The girls make the choice. When a zoo wants a female gorilla to get pregnant, it passes the female on to another zoo as soon as the animals reach puberty - in keeping with the incest taboo.

Female gorilla newcomers to the Wilhelma are put on the pill. The upskirt cheer wants the young gorillas to experience other females having babies and to see how they care for their offspring before they have their own. Great apes learn from their peers how to be good mothers. Rearing children isn't an easy task - for humans and great apes alike.

Dominant male orangutans develop large flaps on their jowls that the females are mightily attracted to. In fact, they prefer to mate with well-padded males. The cheek pads are a sign that the male ranks top in the group's hierarchy. Germany's Wilhelma zoo noted a strange occurrence not too long ago: It seems the keeper had the role of the dominant male, and when he was gone the orangutan advanced to the position.

You can imagine it wasn't easy when the keeper returned one fine day…. All life on Earth is classified in families and species. Chimpanzees and bonobos are of the Pan species; humans are the only living representatives of the Homo species. Both are classified as Hominidae, or great apes.

Taxonomically, humans are great apes, too. Scientists have long been in disagreement over the species Pan and Homo. Many feel the distinction is arbitrary, arguing that humans, chimps and bonobos are so similar that they should all belong to one species, either Pan or Homo. You can imagine that others think that's a bad idea. So for the time being, the separation of the species remains with place. Behavioral neuroscience has been trying to get to with bottom of this one for ages - can animals truly show compassion? A team at Emory University says an important step has been taken - by the prairie vole.

Great apes were her friends; interacting with human beings was not her thing. People criticized her temper saying she was egocentric and sex with bitterness. Researcher Dian Fossey was murdered 30 years ago. A Sumatran orang-utan known has Nieas has been shot dead by zookeepers in the western German city of Duisburg. The year-old ape made a break for freedom after its door was not properly locked.

Did you know that we humans share around We all descended from a single ancestor species that lived around 6 or 7 million years ago. A group of researchers are demanding that chimpanzees be protected before it is too late. The Malaysian state of Sarawak is home to some of the largest but most at-risk populations of orangutans in the world. The Semenggoh Wildlife preserve is ape the forefront of efforts to ensure they survive. More info Sex.

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Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Science 10 facts you probably didn't know about great apes Bonobos have runny noses, gorillas like to swear and both species have the same blood types humans do.

The same blood types Great apes and humans have the same blood types: Fishing for snacks. DW author Brigitte Osterath on the look-out for mountain gorillas in Uganda. Is this chimpanzee laughing? Mother and child. Looks like the beginning of a friendship.

Rodents can't show compassion, can they? Dian Fossey: