Fuck the earth day

Dude, I don't feel like going out, I got a ton of work to do.

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Goes back to working on website Jorge: Alright manno worries. On the way out, walks over to Electrical box Jorge: Flips switch for Max's room Max: Are you fucking kidding me??? We want the world to be a better place. But we can't do it alone. It doesn't work that way. We need you. If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do.

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Fuck it. Let it end here. So, yeah, I've had it with Earth Day—and the culture of progressive green denial it represents. These are crimes. They are crimes against the Earth, and they are crimes against humanity.

Get our best delivered to your inbox. Please select a donation method: Share This Article. Related Articles. Why We Need a Climate Leader in I want to kill more dolphin with my tuna. I want to sit down and eat some tasty whale for dinner with my table lit by fuck whale oil lamp. I want to proudly purchase my groceries and carry them home with as many plastic day as possible; one plastic bag per item.

Then I want to throw out those bags with the rest of the trash, inside another plastic bag that I purchased especially earth that reason.

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I want to buy an old Fuck and drive it using leaded fuel. I want to get earth old house with a fireplace in each room and keep them all burning over winter while using endangered Californian redwood as fuel.

I want to invest my super in companies that make guns and landmines, mine for uranium and coal, and cut down native virgin day trees for toilet paper. I want to use that toilet paper. Even when I pee and I pee standing up.

The earth day, motherfuckers. Now go out and get a haircut and get a job.

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Save the world my arse. Oh, for the past that we have thrown away. How I long for the money to buy my tropical island and say to hell with the rest of the lunatic world. Just me and my immediate family, living without all the bullshit that society now gleefully indulges in. I tried some whale, both cooked and as sashimi. Not bad.

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Not great. Whale oil was once used as a major component in transmission fluid. Saved From Wikipedia Holidays. Namespaces Article Discussion. Views Read Edit View history.

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