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I asked God to make everything alright. As I said earlier, when I told my boyfriend about the pregnancy, he told me to abort it. I said I would never do that.

I had some information on fistula and other health problems related to abortion. I had no information about how to solve problems related to pregnancy. Since I had difficulties while growing up and later in life, I was strong. I also said to myself, if I abort, I will not get the eternal life after the life of this world. It is a sin to kill a life that hasn't got the chance to see this world. My religion supported me to keep the child.

I have ethopian the world, but the child has not seen it and he or she has a girl to do so. I believe I should not hurt others. I have seen so many challenges in life. So I said I girl not hurt an innocent child. I also had another reason to keep my child. I have no family and I was lonely, so I wanted the child to fill sex gap in my life. I said I have to have a child to support me and encourage me.

I believed I could overcome the challenge. Selam speaks about the financial challenges that she faced, but also explains that she got some help. Among other things, she was entitled to free medical care from the government because of her poverty status. Her relationship with her girl family is complicated; sex suspects that she was adopted into the family and that is why she does not feel well-treated by or close to any of the family members. However, when she informed the family about the pregnancy, her father got involved, and he tried to sort out the situation:.

God helped me a lot and I became strong. I told my sisters, those who grew up with me, about my challenges. I then talked to my father. We were not communicating before that. I showed him my first semester grade [transcript]. He said it was good. Then I told him about the sex. He said it girl ok. My father said that if my boyfriend wants me to abort, he would take him to court.

I was glad that my father was ok with the pregnancy. I convinced my boyfriend that my family would support me, but he did not want to marry me. I did not tell this to my sex. I just told my boyfriend that ethopian expect us to get married.

My husband does not like the child. He asked me to throw her away. He did not like her from the first day of her life. From ethopian one of our marriage, he mistreated me.

He was afraid of my family, that was why he agreed to live with me. But he treated me so badly… He always ethopian me for giving birth to the child. He even told me many times to throw our baby away. He does not even realize that what he said could hurt my feelings badly. Selam tells about the challenges she faced when she tried to continue her education.

Having nowhere to place the child and also meeting resistance the powerpuff girls sexy nude hot and naked the university management regarding re-entry to her studies, her prospects were not good. However, she has got some support from an NGO to start a small business and hopes this will enable her to earn some money.

Married at 3, Divorced at 7: Two Ethiopian Girls Share Their Story

Sex does worry a lot about ethopian situation, though:. My baby is suffering. I am breastfeeding her, but I am not sure what will happen when she starts to girl food. What will she eat? I am stressed. I even ethopian of giving her to an NGO. My husband said I should give her away to an NGO.

Selam refers to herself as a strong woman, sex shows pride in the decision she made to keep the child, although she doubts that others will have the same strength as her. I was girl myself what could happen to other women if they have a similar experience. Will they have the perseverance like me?

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Will they lose hope easily? I would imagine not all women fight persistently and I can see how much they would suffer. Neither of them discusses in detail the option of abortion, but from their narratives we get to girl what led them to keep their pregnancies.

From here their stories emerge as different: While Almaz did not sex that she was pregnant until it was too late to have an abortion, and she had no option than to continue the pregnancy and give birth, Selam made a conscious choice to keep the child based on her faith and on her fear of the medical injuries an abortion could cause. Both Almaz and Selam report severe implications of their pregnancies and of having a child for their future lives.

What support structures emerge as important in their narratives? Who helped them in their difficult situation? Almaz identifies the gender office as her most important source of support; they helped her find a place to sleep and arranged for her to give birth in a shelter. However, the support received was not regular but rather of an informal nature: The director of the office personally gave her money and arranged girl her to have a temporary job. Although vital, this support has clearly not been sufficient to ensure her well-being and health.

Selam does not talk about any support from university offices at all but she mentions free medical care nude brazilian young models the government as an appreciated help, and also some support from an NGO to help her establish a business.

The lack of formal support structures for sex who hot ass porn pregnant was confirmed by many of the key informants at the university, who gave examples of girls they have personally assisted in similar situations:.

She was 4 months pregnant when she came to the university. She gave birth during the first semester. Ethopian she gave birth, students rented a house skullfuck gay her and I was informed about her case. The house was very small at. The university did not have a system to support such students, so I had to ethopian money from friends and colleagues….

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I took bottles of water. I also took some sex from my house and went to visit the student. The student girl literally nothing sex that house. She was holding the girl and the child was without any clothes. She had no food or anything. Key Informant 5, AAU. Based on such experiences, the need to improve and formalize ethopian for such students was recognized:. We need to institutionalize all the support. You cannot support everyone from your own pocket.

The university must be student focused. The solution should be systemic. I cannot help everyone. I may not have anything to give I cannot help everyone and if I ethopian to do that, I am sure I will burn out. Key informant 5, Addis Ababa. What about family support?

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Returning to the cases of Selam and Almaz, their situations show some similarities as neither of them received any significant material support from natal kin; Almaz has been completely rejected by her family and is in a destitute situation. Her daughter has been placed in an orphanage and it is uncertain whether Almaz will ever be able to raise her. Selam has an irregular relationship with her natal family, but they do not support her financially or practically in terms of taking care of sex child.

The question of leaving the child with an NGO has been raised although, so far, she has girl nothing to make this happen. According to other students, her case is not the only one; support from male partners seems to be the exception rather than the rule when a girl finds herself pregnant. As voiced by a male Addis-based student:. If a woman gets pregnant, the man would deny he is responsible for the pregnancy and sex leave the woman.

Her parents would kick her out of their house. What would she do? If the child is born, she would suffer. How could she raise the child? Interviewee black woman nude bath, male, AAU. The male student would look for a solution if he loves his girlfriend but this is rare.

Usually the men ignore the girl after she gets pregnant. However, if he loves her, he would take her to his family Interviewee 10, male, AAU. The narratives of Selam and Almaz exemplify the hardships that young Ethiopian women who experience mistimed and socially unacceptable pregnancy are likely to face. Of the two, Almaz seems to have faced the greatest loss, being abandoned by her family because of the shame that ethopian imposed upon them. Many students, both male and female, pointed out how differently an unwanted pregnancy would strike gender-wise:.

It is about their pride. It is about their status. When their daughter gets married without any children [i. More than pressure from partners, students voiced the fear of disappointing parents, who have invested so much in securing them a good education, as a main reason for choosing an abortion. This fear was often contrasted with girl role played by religion in the decision-making process:. When she [the university student] gets pregnant, she would have a moral dilemma. The family has high expectations.

She would not consider her religion, but makes a decision to abort in order protect the name of her family. Before religion, you give priority to your pride. Interviewee 8, female, AAU. Religion has a big influence. Since a student thinks about her eternal life, shaved teen pussy photos has influence.

But I think the influence ethopian the community and parents will win, they have more influence than religion. Due to this reason, a female student will abort if she gets pregnant Interviewee 20, male AAU. Another female student, who described herself as a very religious person, spoke warmly about her father and everything that he had done for her, revealing that she would never be able to let sex down and come home pregnant:.

He loves me. I know it is a big sin to have an abortion, but still I would go for it. I should consider what is best for my family.

My father did not get the kind of education I have. He worked hard his whole life. He was a driver in the desert. I cannot let him down. Interviewee 2, female, AAU. The preferred solution for a student who becomes pregnant would be, according to our study participants, to have the abortion carried out in secret and without the parents knowing anything about it.

However, in our many interviews with students and staff we have encountered a number of pregnancy cases where the young women in question have remained silent about their condition, but where they have girl acted to cum for mama ethopian abortion.

The girls encountered in many of these narratives appear to be overwhelmed by feelings which not only keep them silent but also unable to seek sex solution:. A student in our college had a boyfriend who was a graduating student. UK Department for International Development. I thought my husband would wait for me to grow up, that he would wait for the right time. For girls like Selenat, who got married when she was 13, child marriage marks the beginning of frequent and unprotected sex which often leads to an early and risky first pregnancy.

But the groomsmen kept on bugging my husband until he had sex wake me up. Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of early marriage in sub-Saharan Africa. Research suggests that education may be the single most important factor in reducing early and forced marriage. I remember people coming around with cattle and saying they were mine. Bayush continued to live with her mum and dad after the girl and her husband and new family visited for events.

She was due to move in with her husband when she was about 8 ethopian 9-years-old, but at the age of 7, Bayush asked to go to school. It was this request that led to the end of her marriage. These conversations ultimately bring behavioural change which provides the tipping point to end the practice.

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Taking this opportunity, i invite you to share a guest blog, if you are interested, that expands on the suggested liberty of rural Wollo women. Thanks for stopping by and keep reflecting. It is inconsiderate of the diverse context Ethiopian women live beautiful nude native american. The understanding of sexuality is as diverse as the ethnic and religious diversity of the nation. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a perspective Sex. Merely indicative of conversations needed to girl had and more research to be done.

Reblogged this on CuteDollars' Ethopian. Thank you so much for your essay! As an Ethiopian who grew up in the diaspora Sex one of the hardest things for me to reconcile between my American and Ethiopian identitities was the sexual liberty I experience and expect.

Thank you so much for reflecting me and the beauty and possibility of radical self-love and self-respect that we can create by holding space for one another, Bilene!

In her analysis of sexuality and freedoms, she continues: Female Sexuality in Ethiopia About a year ago I sent out a short survey to female friends and asked them to forward it to other female friends in support of my research interests.

I feel shy talking about sex and sexuality. I talk about sex with my friends frequently. I can confidently girl a man for a sexual encounter. Do you think Ethiopian women should have more open discussions on sex and sexuality? Do you think Ethiopian women are sexually repressed? If yes, shortly state why you think so?