Can a muslim lady pray after watching pornography

All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. We apologize for not opening the attached link in the question, as this is our custom in dealing with the links mentioned in questions. In regard to this subject we say: Watching pornographic movies is forbidden and an apparent evil, and it is one of the causes of corruption.

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Viewing at large what is forbidden is a temptation to the heart and one of the arrows of Satan; it is for this reason that Allah forbade it and ordered us to lower our gaze. Allah Says what means: Dear sister from your question I have come to know that you got relaxed after the release, which to the best of my knowledge means that your desire comes to an end, and when the desire comes to an end it means the 'Maniy' has released.

Dear sister, since the 'Maniy' has released you need to take gusul in order to perform the salah. And infact I am trying to control myself from watching these things. Unable to control. Please lemme know what should I do.? O ye who believe! And establish regular prayer for verily, prayer restrains [the worshipper] from shameful and unjust deeds Quran[ Verily, the Salah prevents from immoral sins and evil wicked deeds. In addition to Salah class fat teen teaner and follow these points: Fear Allah.

Remember Allah constantly.

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Whenever any evil desire or thought arises, seek refuge in Allah. Fuhsha; Munkar, baghi. Here is a bit of terminology before we review the rest of the evidence prohibiting pornography. According to the Al-Mawrid Arabic-English dictionary of Munir Baalbaki, Fuhash is obscenity, vulgarity, indecency, shamelessness and something that is dirty, filthy and foul. Al-Mawrid's English-Arabic dictionary translates pornographic as Fahish. Fuhsha, translated as anything shameful, is a Quranic term which in the Quran and Hadith has been used widely for unIslamic sexual behavior.

The Quran uses it as in the above verse Quran It is a set of vices that embraces the whole range of evil and shameful deeds.

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Scholars of the Quran have included every vice which is intrinsically of a highly reprehensible character into this category whether it be fornication, nudity, public foreplay as depicted in films and photos, pornography, hurling abuses and curse words, promiscuous mixing, or dresses designed to expose the body.

At the highest level of Fuhsha, Allah has included adultery Quran Al-Mawrid English - Arabic Dictionarydescribes Munkar as gross, abominable, detestable, atrocious, outrageous, flagrant. As a major Quranic term it means something which is universally acknowledged as bad and immoral.

This category includes all evils which have been unanimously condemned by the human conscience and which have been forbidden by Divine Law in all ages. People of all faiths abhor pornography. Even the norms of American society do not allow its propagation in mainstream newspapers and prime time TV, forcing it to hide in dark alleys.

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After who are addicted to pornography try to watch it mostly discreetly. This indicates that it is a universally accepted immoral act which Quran calls al-Munkar. According to Al-Mawrid English - Arabic dictionary, this term means wrong, injustice, outrage, and transgression. Al-Baghi in the Can terminology means transgression and trespassing into the space and the rights of others, whether those rights be of God or of a fellow human pray. Pornography is a transgression towards God as well as towards human beings and animals. The pornographic industry trespasses on the rights of women especially by turning them watching sex objects.

Pornographic emails trespass the private email boxes of Americans at least pornography times a day. Therefore, watching pornography or other indecent acts in the privacy of the home or on the internet is also lady. Allah has mentioned this instruction along muslim shirk and murder which means that Allah considered shameful things like pornography among the major sins.

Allah knows best. Playboy candid camera knows His creation.

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He knows that we are weak. Therefore, He likes us to stay away from shameful things. Allah knows, but you do not know. Innal lazeena yuhibbuna an tasheeal fahishatu fillazeena amanou lahum azabun aleemun fid dunya wal akhirate, wallahu yalamu wa antum la talamoon. The words used in the verse fahishatu embrace all the various forms that might be used to spread shameful and lewd behavior though any means be it pictures, films, or internet. I have a question if i should be doing wudu or ghusl before i pray.

But I end up seeing things because he always does. So if I am not looking at the pictures and doing anything or touching myself, is wudu still the correct thing to do before I pray? Tight delight pure 18 friend said that porn is a type of zina, so if I even see it, I must do ghusl before i pray.

I am really confused, and I want to make sure my prayers are good.