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In which case, you are adorable.

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L is for Looking. That's the title of the show, but it's also a common way gay men either online or in apps, message one another to ask whether they're looking for sex or pen pals. M is for Mustache. Mustaches, beards, and scruff are very popular. And gay men, like heterosexual women, very much like them. N is for Nonwhite Characters. Augustin, one of the three leads, is Cuban-American, his boyfriend is black, Patrick meets a cute Latino guy on the bus.

It's just a parade of diversity! O is for Oakland.

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Gay is basically Brooklyn? In the premiere episode, Augustin Frankie J. Alvarez moves to Oakland to live with his boyfriend because the living is cheaper there than in San Francisco, reliably one of amatuer most expensive places to live in America.

In that respect, Oakland is most definitely not Brooklyn.

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P is for Public Transportation. San Francisco's Muni plays an important role on the show. The show's characters all take public transportation, proving that you don't really need a car in San Francisco Q is for Quantum Leap.

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Which is really just our flimsy excuse to talk about Scott Bakula, who plays a gay, buff, tan, shirtless older man on the show. And he's good!

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R is for Russell Tovey. Like Groff, Tovey gay also an actual gay homosexual man, meaning he also has a bit of cachet amatuer the gay community. Particularly the gay Anglophile community he's English.

S is for San Francisco. By focusing on San Francisco, it also makes the show feel almost distant and perhaps more interesting to someone who's never lived or experienced gay life there. T is for Tech. Technically, Patrick is a video game designer and not working for Google or Apple or a Silicon Valley startup. But it's nice to see gay guys on television that a don't work in fashion b aren't super successful at whatever they do.

U is for Unromantic Friendships. Okay, so we fudged a little here. Unromantic means platonic, amatuer P was already … okay. Yes, gay men are capable of platonic friendships though sometimes they didn't start out as platonic. The problem is that television hasn't always done a good job in portraying this.

Usually, amatuer only time there's more than one gay man on screen gay is to show his partner, boyfriend, lover, or husband.

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And usually, gay men are only friends with or are related gay straight people see: V is for Vibrate. No one on this show seems to set their gay on vibrate. It's weird. Gay amatuer, like straight people, set their phones to vibrate. X is for eXes. It's impossible to find a word beginning with the letter "x. Which is how gay people express approval of each other and Lady Gaga nowadays.

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